“I had to go buy new jeans today, and I realized if I got any bigger I won’t be able to shop at a plus-sized store.”


“I can’t fit in the seats at my lecture hall, so I have to get there as early as possible to sit in the handicapped seats.”

“I’m not sick yet, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop - I know I might be diagnosed with diabetes or something else any day now.”

“My kid was playing in the yard and they started running for the street. I realized not only could I not play with them at this size - I couldn’t protect them if they they got away from me.”


“I’m sick of looking up weight restrictions on my phone before I agree to do anything with my friends.”


“I think I’m getting married soon - and I know he wants to go on an amazing honeymoon. The last time I was on a plane, I had to get a seat belt extender and I have been too embarrassed to travel ever since then.”


These are snippets of stories that people have sent me over the last three and a half years about why they have decided to have weight loss surgery. I have had the privilege to see hundreds of women hit their breaking point - and get the help they need. Getting the follow up messages months or years later, saying they are 80lbs, 100lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs down, makes my heart swell.


Did those stories resonate with you?

Are you filling in your story right now?

Have you found my page because you have hit your breaking point?


You feel ready to take back your life. You want a life with big adventures, and small pleasures. You want to be able to sit like a pretzel on the floor and not be out of breath, or be worried about not being able to get up. You want to be strong, to go to the gym without shame. You want to be a good example for your family with nutrition and movement. You are beginning to feel like the weight is stopping you from being the real you - and you are ready to meet her. The woman who isn’t bound by weight restrictions.

However, I know you may have apprehensions. You have given money to all of the diets out there. You think it is your fault that you just haven’t had the willpower to lose the weight on your own. You worry that even if you have weight loss surgery - you’ll just fail this diet too.


You have this thought that surgery could change your life, but you are scared of being out in the world without some guidance.


I help women rock weight loss surgery, from the pre-op approval process,

to the post-op life and all of the ups and downs.

Photo by Anna Chau (@heyanna22)


I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy at the age of 23. I was 343lbs.

In 364 days (1 day before my 1 year mark), I hit my surgeons goal of 189lbs.

I went from being a girl who was convinced she was just big boned, that her metabolism wouldn’t let her lose weight, to embracing a new life after surgery.


My entire life, I failed. I felt stuck, and I felt that my only option was to accept the “fate I had been given.” The results others had gotten were because they were better than me, they had the resources, the mind frame, the bodies to make that happen.

I felt completely helpless.


Getting professional help - turning to a bariatric clinic and getting the options laid out to me - made me see a light at the end of the tunnel. The support I found from others who had surgery and my clinic made me think it was possible. I began to realize my weight, something that made me feel so isolated and judged, was something other people did understand - they just didn’t know how to talk about it without shame and secrecy.


Learning how to share my story, rock my weight loss, and keep the dedication and knowledge to maintain my weight has made me a bariatric success. Now I get to help other women do the same.

With Time To Deflate Coaching, I help women navigate their bariatric program.


While doctors hand us the knowledge to be successes, it can be daunting to make this new program fit your life.

When you can only see a doctor once every couple months, it can seem impossible to hold yourself accountable to their program.


You may feel lost in how to live through this experience with the rest of your life bleeding in - how should you handle social situations, how do you tell your family, how do you keep cooking for your family when you are healing and are on a liquid diet?


You and I will work to create a personalized program for your needs. We will work to get your doctors program to feel like it can fit with your life, to make it as sustainable as possible.

How do you know if Time To Deflate Coaching is for you?


You have started your pre-op process for surgery, and feel like you are floating without accountability.

You want direction.


Your pre-op program feels crazy to you, and you are worried that you won’t be able to commit to life post-op.

You want reassurance and methods to make this process seem doable.


You want to do better and be better. You are tired of putting yourself in a box and limiting yourself.

You are ready to shed those limiting beliefs and become authentically you.


You want to be a success, you want others to turn to you and find inspiration from your journey.

You want to rock every aspect of this journey - pre-op and post-op.


You want to cultivate more balance in your life as a post-op patient.

You want to work on a healthy balance of living and still maintaining your weight loss.


You are post-op and are transitioning from losing weight to maintaining.

You are ready to change your mindframe from extreme weight loss to embracing a healthy lifestyle.


You’ve waited long enough. You’re ready to make the jump and reclaim your life.

I’m excited that you are ready to work with me. Apply below, and let’s start the conversation.