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Work With Me! - April Test Group

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

If you are interested in working with me, please head to my coaching page and apply to work with me 1:1.

Want a chance to work with me as you prepare for bariatric surgery?

Do you feel like the pre-op phase for qualifying for weight loss surgery is daunting? That it takes too long to finally get surgery, and you don’t know what to do between now and then? Do you feel like you are on your own, or are lacking support and direction between your infrequent visits with your bariatric office?

I want to create a solution for this.

I am developing an small online community to provide one-on-one coaching with me, as well as community support, resources, and accountability for a small group of people in their pre-op phase of bariatric surgery.

What exactly is this, and what would it entail?

My dream is to host small groups to build communities online, and work with the members one-on-one as well. This will provide accountability, community, support, and a plan to implement habits that you can start acting on before surgery to help set you up for success on your weight loss journey. The rough framework for the group would include:

  • Access to the private facebook group, and all shared resources with the other members.

  • Weekly 30 minute phone calls with me to check in and establish goals for the next week.

  • Bi-weekly video chats with the group members who can attend to show support and share experiences and struggles, and talk about things we have implemented to help with our goals. (My goal is to have these be recorded for any member who could not attend during the video call.)

Because this is a new venture for me, I am putting together a group of 7-10 pre-op weight loss surgery hopefuls to run a free test group for the month of April 2019. I will work on developing content, have regular calls and check-ins with the members of the test group, and work on communicating with each member to find what habits we can encourage and commit to to create lasting change, and set you up for success after surgery.

By working with me for free during the month of April, all I ask is you help me create this reality for others by giving me your feedback, helping me improve, and if you have a good experience with me - helping me by sharing your testimonial.

I’m post-op, can’t I participate?

Unfortunately, since this is my first test group, I intend to keep it manageable to make sure my service is done right for those spending their time with me. At this time, I want to limit my work to people in the pre-op phase. As I develop, I will consider a post-op group or one-on-one coaching as well.

I want to work with you - what do I need to do?

As I said, my long-term goal is to develop small groups of people, where you can have a close knit community to rely on during this period of your life. As this is brand new for me, I intend to only take on 7-10 people for this test group to make sure I offer the best experience for the people putting in their time for me.

I want to make sure you guys vibe with me, and I vibe with you. If you are still interested in working with me for free, please take a look at the questions below and reach out via my contact form.

Remember, you are not selling yourself to me. I want to see honesty, and know where you are on your journey to make sure I have a program that is successful for you and the other members in this small group.

Head over to my contact form here and enter in the following info to be considered for the pre-op group! I will reach out to the 7-10 people by March 20th, 2019 I have selected for the group.




State or country you intend to have surgery in:

Have you attended your first bariatric doctors visit?

How far along into your pre-op process are you? Do you have a surgery date?

Do you know what type of bariatric surgery you want to have?

Are you dealing with medical problems that have limited you, and are you getting help for them from a medical professional?

Have you struggled with an eating disorder in the past? Have you in the past, or are you now, receiving help from a medical professional?

What is your preferred way to communicate: text, voice, or video?

Are you able and willing to use a private Facebook group for our group communication?

Are you able to do weekly 30 minute phone calls with me, that we will schedule beforehand?

This will be a small group of others going through the pre-op process. Are you willing to be active in our online forums and to be open, honest, and positive with the other members in the group?

Thank you to everyone who has already shown interest in this pilot program - I am very excited to see it develop and help others going through qualifying for surgery. If you know someone who is starting the process, feel free to share this article with them in case they want to apply.

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