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Why I'm Not Rushing Into Plastics

At my lowest weight, I was able to brag that I lost 167lbs.

Since then I have fluctuated the normal 15lbs up, yet that still means I get to brag that I lost over 150lbs.

Usually one of the first things someone asks me after hearing this piece of news is along the lines of, "so do you have a lot of loose skin?" or "are you planning to have plastic surgery now?"

In sharing your progress of extreme weight loss on social media, it's a pretty standard "next chapter" that you see for people who are considered very successful. Many of my friends and accounts that I look up to have shared their journeys of weight loss, plastics consults, surgery, recovery, complications, future desires for surgery... etc. I love following every second. My husband can attest that I have laid in bed watching plastic surgery videos and live streams, I love seeing the crazy transformations. My friends look BOMB after their surgeries.

So... why am I not planning to do it anytime soon? My bariatric doctor told me at my post-op appointments at one year and two years out that I would be a fine candidate for surgery - I'm young, I'm at a healthy weight, I hit their goal weight for me at one year and basically maintained it for the last two years. I've hit all of the normal qualifications.

Well, there is the basic response.

Surgery is expensive. Like, really expensive. Close to paying off my student debt expensive! And that isn't including if anything went wrong and the recovery took longer. While I would like to look better in a swimsuit by getting a tummy tuck - I would rather just wear a swimsuit on the Dalmatian coast  while I'm traveling the world and not care about my flabby tummy. :)

But - it is much more than finances for me right now. If I wanted to get surgery and the money was the only thing stopping me - that's just setting your mind on a goal and making it happen. Picking up a side job to save up would not be unreasonable if I decided to make plastics a goal. So what is the bigger thing stopping me?

As cheesy as it sounds - self love.

It has taken over three years of hard work, but every day, I am learning to love my body. I'm very fortunate - my loose skin really isn't that bad. I don't need it removed for medical necessity, it isn't affecting my daily life. Everything I want is purely cosmetic, so weighing the costs and benefits, I have chosen to love this flawed body of mine and enjoy it for everything it has helped me do over the last 3 years.

This body has:

-Run 5ks -Survived Orangetheory Fitness classes and became an employee for them -Aerial Yoga -Kept up with all of my nieces and nephews -Danced the night away at my wedding and didn't want to stop! -Done crazy fun hikes in Minnesota, Tahoe, Croatia, Santorini, Budapest - and more to come! -Biked all over the Twin Cities -Ridden roller coasters and rides all day long, fit into all of them, and never wanted to puke -Bended and twisted at yoga and felt just as fit as the yogis around me -Fit into airplane seats to take me around the United States and across the world

And so much more.

So do I still have bad days? Of course. I still put on a dress and see my lower belly cling to it and feel annoyed. But bad days come and go. Appreciation, love - it's something I work on every day - and every day I am so grateful I have.

How do you love your body? I want to hear about it in the comments below!

What has your body done that makes you think, "Wow. You've done something pretty darn cool." A lot of us can forget that something is impressive - so let's remind each other - our bodies our awesome!

Want to check out my youtube video about loose skin? Check out my video here. Please keep in mind I made my video back in 2017, so I do talk about wanting to get plastics more often in this video. :)

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