• Kayla Landaeta

How many times have you set unattainable goals for yourself?

We’re all guilty.

Laying in bed on Sunday night, thinking of how tomorrow will be different - You will wake up two hours early to go for a run, pack a healthy lunch, not have any snacks in the break room. You won’t get fast food after work. You’ll clean the kitchen and meditate before bed. You will be picture perfect tomorrow. It sounds overwhelming, but you know that is the only way your life will change.

And then you accidentally turn off your alarm. You realize you don’t have any groceries ready, so no lunch - and free snacks it is! You’re annoyed on the way home, so you grab a treat and curl up with Netflix before you go to bed (a lot later than you hoped, so you know you won’t sleep well). The feeling of ho-hum sweeps over you.

You know that you will never have the willpower to change your life.

As little “mistakes” build up, we drift further and further from our goals, and any sense of motivation begins to shrink under our shame. To fight this, we will go directly against shame and bring back your pride.

It could be meal prep, setting up a workout schedule, getting back to journaling, catching up on the content creation you said you would do - anything!

(For exercise, maybe a walk this evening? For meal prep - maybe just having lunches prepped instead of perfecting 3 meals every day. Maybe doing a journal entry every Sunday night fits better for you, and doesn’t make you feel burnt out just thinking about it.)

(Attending a full hour yoga class tonight, or doing 30 minutes of weights, followed by some cardio. Prepping your breakfasts, lunches and grab and go snacks. Journaling every day.)

This needs to be constantly re-evaluated. One day, you might be on your game and doing your maximum effort. Other days may be only 1%.

Finding your range gives you the option to consistently move forward - it takes out the chance of failing. You can always find some way to make yourself proud today - even if it is simple, it is better than nothing.

Your life is not a pass/fail grade.

Points for participation matter a lot more than we think in life - so will you put in the work?

Try practicing this a few times this week whenever you feel overwhelmed by a goal you have for yourself.

Send me a note if this practice helped you!

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