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Timetodeflate 2.0 - My Promise To You

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Well, hello there.

Whether you have been following me for years on instagram and youtube, or just stumbled on my page - welcome. Thank you for taking a moment to check this all out. With this brand new venture, I wanted to do a little introduction and let you all know what my plans are going forward with Timetodeflate.

So... who am I?

My name's Kayla. I grew up in Minnesota, USA. I was the cute, chubby kid who grew up to be super morbidly obese by the time I was out of college.

Yeah... not just morbidly obese, that would be too simple.

Super. Morbidly. Obese.

I remember the day I finally found a scale and saw a number over 300lbs as a junior in college. I looked up what my BMI was and saw that classification - one that I had only heard on TV when passing by shows like "My 600lbs life" and I realized I was heading in that direction. The shame I felt was immense, and while I started looking into healthy living online, I would choose to ignore my issues for another two years - thinking if I pushed it under the rug, it would magically go away.

Finally, in my last semester of college, a friend of mine went public that she had weight loss surgery and lost over 100lbs. That day, I sent her a Facebook message and talked about my weight for the first time. I saw a glimmer of hope.

After graduating and moving back to the Twin Cities, I decided to pursue weight loss surgery (WLS) and went through the 8 months of pre-op education and testing. I found an online community on Tumblr and Instagram, and decided on the morning of my surgery, to follow their lead and share my experience online. I didn't hide from my friends and family from what I was doing - and I finally talked about my weight for the first time to the public (something that made me want to puke from the anxiety alone).

My highest recorded weight was 343.8lbs.

My surgeon gave me a goal weight of 189lbs, which I hit one day before my one year surgery anniversary.

Weight loss transformation photo.

For the last two years, I have maintained my weight between 178lbs and 195lbs. During the last 3 years, I have found a new joy in life. I married my best friend. I travel. I workout. I love being outside. And I owe it all to sharing my story.

That's right. The surgery helped, but sharing my story is what made me a success. In the end, surgery is a tool like any diet or program or workout regimen. It can work wonders for people. People can also fail at it. Sharing my story, taking ownership of what I did to my body for my entire life and what I was actively trying to do to fix it - that was the difference from every other diet I tried before.

Why tell you all this? I have found the most amazing community online, in which I love to engage with and inspire. I have been an active member on Instagram, especially in the weight loss surgery community. I want this ability I have gained over the last three years regarding talking about the hard stuff - to relate to more people. The internet has been an amazing place to share and find support for so many topics. I want to give back and keep fostering that community.

I will still be focused on health and wellness, especially with weight loss surgery. I am a huge advocate for the procedures out there, and I truly believe if you are ready to put in the work - it is life changing. Almost a quarter million people are having surgery every year, so every year there are more people to spread the love and inclusiveness to help us all succeed. We are all on a journey to better health together, and I intend to provide a space of kindness and information to help you on this journey.

I also want to focus on "deflating" other things in my life. I want to deflate my junk. Why do I own so much stuff that I don't need and really don't want? I want to deflate my student loan debt. I don't want it holding me back for the rest of my life. I want to deflate my inner self-doubt. I need to practice kindness to myself and keep working on realizing my own value, whether that is in my personal relationships, to my career, to my inner self-talk. I want to deflate my insecurity. Putting yourself out there online always leads to comparison - I want to focus on my own beauty and keep loving myself - even if I feel like I am not lining up with social media standards.

By deflating so many things that negatively take up space in my life, I will focus on inflating other goals.

I will inflate my curiosity.

I will encourage self-learning for new skills and keep making myself better. I will inflate my desire for adventure and push myself to try new things, and visit new places. I will inflate my outwards love - to my husband, my friends, my family, and to all of you! I will inflate my desire to be the best human I can be, and strive to push growth and positivity into the world.

Photo by Caitlin Cooper

I guess you can say this is my mission statement for this new venture.

This is my promise to you. When the world is bringing you down, your friends are being savage, the haters are hating and it seems like no one believes you can take back your life... I'm gonna be here to help and inspire you. That's what I want to put into the universe, and I hope I can inspire someone to do the same.



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