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Stop Putting Off the Work

I am a procrastinator.

I learned it from my mama, bless her - but it is one of the key parts of my personality that I truly hate and am actively trying to change.

I am the person who frantically cleans the whole house the morning before my husband comes home from a trip.

I am the person who will wait until there is no underwear to do laundry (and consider just going out and buying some new pairs...)

As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop dressed for the gym because I put on my gym clothes and didn't go this morning (but I will go after I work today, hence staying dressed!)

But it isn't just daily things. I hold off on making appointments I don't want to do, I hold off on phone calls I know I need to make - I hold off on hard conversations I know I need to have.

In my natural/autopilot state, I avoid conflict, and I tend to avoid the work.

Typically, that is not a great personality trait to manage extreme weight loss, much less run a business. I have spent years working on changing that about me - and have learned to start doing the work.

Mirror selfie of Kayla, hand on hip.
We see glimpses of people on social media. We don't show the running late/delayed deadlines/stress.

The icky part of procrastination is not only do you avoid important things - you will work on other things that don't matter in order to look good.

(Example: I hated wedding planning - I loved my big day! - but the planning was the absolute worst. During a 3 week travel stint for my fiance, I painted and re-did our entire apartment by myself. When he came home, he was surprised and impressed - and then pointed out that no wedding planning had been done - and that was the thing with a due date.)

Weight loss tied right into this mind frame.

  • Before I could work out, I needed work out clothes.

  • I need to sign up for a gym before I can workout.

  • I need to wait until next week to go to the class I think I would be good at.

Or changing food habits.

  • I need to eat these certain foods, so I will clear out my kitchen of all the junk.

  • I need to spend hours looking at pinterest to find recipes that sound good and have perfect stats for my macros.

  • I should probably calculate my macros a couple times to make sure these numbers make sense.

  • I need to grocery shop - I should probably go to a couple different places to get the best deals.

  • I unload the groceries and realize my kitchen is a mess, and I can't meal prep until it's cleaned up.

  • Now it is so late that it doesn't make sense to start cooking now.

Sound familiar?

I used to live 5 minutes from a Target, and I would go multiple times a week to "simplify and organize" my life - because that is why my life wasn't working, I wasn't organized enough.

My big addiction?

Planners and notebooks.

Guys, you have no idea how many times I sat for 20 minutes in the planner aisle, looking at every planner, assessing the format, dreaming up how it would look with my food and exercise and plans laid out in it. I could block off time for my meetings and calls! It would be color coded! Every night I could write down how I was feeling, or something I was grateful for. I also loved websites that sold planners. Reading reviews on organizing apps and how they could change my life. I bought into them all.

I would spend hours creating my perfect planner. I would plan every event or activity I knew that was coming up for the next year. I would make it pretty with doodles and stickers.

It looked so put together, my life was going to be so perfect.

Then - I'd use it for a few days, then forget it one day - feel like a failure for not "keeping up" and having a blank day - and throw it to the side. I thought I outsmarted it last year. I got a planner where you write in the dates so I could just restart it in case I gave up yet again. I never did pick it back up again.

Last winter, like the rest of the world, I became obsessed with Marie Kondo and the KonMari method of tidying up. (If you are interested in simpler living - definitely look into her!) Going through my desk and storage boxes, I found all of my planners. So many notebooks. They made me feel so heavy. Bogged down. So, I recycled the paper, threw out the covers - and I promised myself I would never buy a planner again.

I no longer go to Target very often since we moved, but I was there last week, and had to walk past the section with the pretty planners and notebooks. I stopped and felt the need bubble up in me.

Every insecurity with my career, social life, workout schedule, my food tracking - I felt like a planner could fix it.

I stopped, and I thought about it. If I broke my promise to myself, I would spend money on something I know I don't need. I would spend my afternoon not doing work that would actually benefit my clients and getting my message out there. I would not go to the gym, because I would want to color code my new planner instead.

I walked away.

I chose action, and I avoided my procrastination.

I get messages from people every day who ask for advice, who are starting the weight loss journey, and just feel like they don't have the willpower to do the work they need to do. I know that feeling - I spent years on social media, messaging others who lost a lot of weight, asking for advice, reading every blog post, scrolling through instagram, bingeing youtube videos, learning as much as I could.

Kayla's clean desk, well decorated and lit.
This is how I want you guys to think my work space looks like. Pretty, perfect, organized. Notice the fancy planner on the right side?

But I never acted on it.

I did not find the secret to willpower. (If I did, I would be rich from selling it to everyone.) What really changed was realizing I was done with my own bullshit.

Pulling myself out of my bubble for long enough to realize all of the preparation in the world would never get me the goal I wanted - action was all that mattered. This is why so many people recommend mantras, or meditation.

We live on a cycle - we tend to just live our lives on autopilot. Being able to learn to pause, realize you are on autopilot. Change your behavior.

Kayla bent over her computer and papers, hard at work.
Thanks for the sneaky photo, hubby. This is what my actual work looks like. There is no clean desk.

So I challenge you today - take action on something today that you have been avoiding.

While I thank you for reading my blog post and supporting me, what I want more than anything for you to pause and realize - today you have the chance to make a different choice to take action and work towards your goals.

So what are you taking action on? Let me know in the comments. Make me proud. :)

Like my message? Ready to take action on starting your bariatric journey, or work on creating a healthy balance after your surgery? I work 1:1 with women looking to rock their surgery, and find balance after surgery to live a life that feels sustainable, and enjoyable.

You can apply for coaching here.

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