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Planning Our Honeymoon

My hubby and I finally tied the knot on September 1st, 2018 after being together since 8th grade - almost 12 and a half years! It was a magical day, and it led us to one of the best adventures of our lives - our honeymoon!

I shared our entire honeymoon on my instagram page, and it led to many questions about how on earth we planned it and for a recap of the best things we did so others could find the same spots if they traveled to that part of the world. We had three amazing weeks overseas, so I am splitting this up into a few posts - but hopefully you enjoy every moment!

For the very basic logistical layout of how we got around and how long we were everywhere:

We flew to Budapest on the night of September 3rd, and landed on September 4th. We wanted to have a couple of days to see family and decompress after the wedding and get our affairs in order - and I am SO happy we did! We were in Budapest until September 7th, and took a train with Rail Europe to Zagreb, Croatia.

From Zagreb, we rented a car and left on September 8th and drove to Plitvice National Park for the day, and then the rest of the way to Zadar. We stayed in Zadar until September 11th, and then drove to Split, Croatia. On September 13th, we drove the rest of the way to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We flew out of Dubrovnik on September 17th and arrived in Santorini, Greece. We stayed in Santorini until September 20th, when we went to Athens for the day. Our flight back home left on September 22nd.

So. How on earth did we plan this? We didn't go through a travel agency or anything - it was all on us.

First things first - decide where you are going and a window of dates. If you can be, be flexible with travel dates. Being able to wiggle a couple dates on either end means finding the cheapest flights. Once you know where you are going - BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS. Here is a key thing about me. I'm a planner, who gets paralyzed by fear and numbers. Booking international travel can get pricey, and I kept putting off buying our tickets. It kept not feeling real, so I kept not planning anything. Finally, Anthony bought our tickets. We were going. Suddenly, planning became easier.

Notebook and laptop ontop of a bed, written on the notebook, "OUR EPIC HONEYMOON" with travel info.
How I initially planned our honeymoon? Google, and a notebook listing every fun place, restaurant, and event I could find!

A lot of people have asked me how I figured out where to go and what to do. I did what you are doing -- I looked at blogs, youtube, and instagram for inspiration! I spoke to strangers on the internet about what was worth seeing, and when we were there, we spoke to our Airbnb hosts for more local recommendations. For the few months I was planning the honeymoon, I had a notebook that I would jot down for each city we were going to things I wanted to see. I included price ranges, how long it would take out of our day if we did a certain thing, food places that looked yummy - etc.

I will warn you. Out of the 20 some things I probably wrote for each city that I felt like I HAD to see - we probably did about 8. You find your priorities and what fits in the moment. I had written down probably 4 museums I wanted to see in Budapest - but it was 80 degrees and sunny everyday and in no way did I want to spend that indoors! Don't lock yourself in such a firm schedule that you can't go with the flow and see where the day takes you.

The only things we bought and set in stone before we left the USA was our transportation (fights, trains, car rental) and our hotel/Airbnb reservations. While we definitely could have flown more by the seat of our pants and not booked our reservations - but it was our honeymoon. We didn't end up wanting to crash at a hostel with bunk beds on this particular trip. :) Everything else - dinner reservations, tickets to parks or ferry excursions - we purchased when we were there. If there is a particular thing you want to do - google if it is something you should buy in advance!

I've decided to break this post up into four sections, and I will link them all below once they are all published. You can also go explore my general travel section. Enjoy following our adventures and I hope they inspire you to go see these gorgeous sights for yourself!


Croatia (pt. 1)

Croatia (pt. 2)


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