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Getting Back on Track After Vacation

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

For those who may not be aware, I became a Mrs. on September 1st, 2018. It was months of stressful planning with my fiance working out west for his company, but in the end - it was absolutely magical and one of the best days of my life. If you want to see some of our recap from that amazing day - make sure to sign up for notifications for new blog updates!

Photography by Caitlin Cooper

What was even better - we planned and made happen the most epic honeymoon ever - almost 3 weeks away from home with two backpacks, adventuring around Hungary, Croatia, and Greece. I put together some awesome posts about our travels, including some tips and odd things I learned when planning a trip overseas. Check them out here!

But getting to the point of this post - how do you come back from a vacation like that?! With the few days before the wedding and then disappearing for weeks - it was like we put life on pause for a whole month. We all know vacation blues are a thing - but getting back onto a schedule and making it not seem depressing was a big goal for us!

Here are the key things we have done to get back on plan and start living our best (married!) lives!

1. We downloaded some apps to organize our lives. While traveling home from overseas, Anthony and I had a good amount of time to kill. One of the things we did to start transitioning back to home life was downloading the app Asana and set up our goals and projects. Asana is a great productivity app that you can create over-arching projects and give yourself tasks to help you complete said project. Anthony and I set up a "Married Life" board with tasks under "Clerical" like fixing our insurance, changing my name, sending thank you cards, etc. We also had fun with it! We made a board for "Fun To-Dos" like planning the Mario Party Launch Party we wanted to host, to finding Halloween costumes. We also made a "Future Plans" board to remind us when we are bored of things we have been dreaming of doing, places we want to travel to, people we want to catch up with. Setting this up was a great way to feel organized, and start reminding ourselves that the vacation may be ending, but that we have our whole lives ahead of us to plan the next adventure and do it right!

(And we also added a Minecraft tab, because... well, we love playing Minecraft!) We also heavily relied on our Amazon Alexa app, which is great for general shopping lists and to-dos.

2. We set up our shopping list. Same deal as Asana, while traveling home, we chatted meal prep. Europe was great for us for staying pretty darn healthy while enjoying every moment. We realized how big of a difference quality ingredients made in simple meals. We had gotten back to splitting a lot of meals, not wasting food or money. Grocery shopping has always been a struggle for me, because I would usually fall into a trap of getting food I liked and that Anthony may not, or not going in with a plan and buying way more than I needed - and having a lot go to waste or just sit in our pantry. We had a great open conversation about what we would want to eat, what we would actually spend the time to make, we googled together some fun ideas, and got on the same page. If you want to check out recipes that I have saved over the years, you can check out my pinterest page.

3. We re-did our budget. Granted, we attacked this once we were home and settled, but we knew we needed to start our marriage off on the same page - especially after just paying for a wedding and a honeymoon. Anthony and I have budgeted for years just using a Google Docs spreadsheet we created where we could set goals and enter our purchases. We re-did our sheet for our married lives, and have decided going forward to have monthly budget meetings. With me going part time at my job, it is essential that we make sure we are still on track to live our best lives and keep working towards our financial goals.

4. We actually acted on these plans. This is the kicker. We actually stuck to the plan. This is a HUGE win for me. I am a decent planner... I'm an awful initiator. I can pin ideas and have grandiose ideas of my life - but implementing has always been a weak point for me. Anthony is an amazing doer - so we balance each other very well. So - we meal prepped easy meals, and stuck to our no discretionary spending. We would check off our tasks on Asana and brag every night about what we accomplished.

So far, we have implemented and stuck to these new processes, and it has been key to us starting to create the lives we want as Mr. and Mrs. Landaeta.

Photography by Caitlin Cooper

I want to know from YOU! How do you get back on track after a vacation or break? Any tips for living your best proactive life with your hunny? Tell me in the comments below!

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