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Hi! I’m Kayla. In 2015, I decided I was done being ashamed of my body and to reclaim my health. I had bariatric surgery in November of 2015, and changed my life forever by losing over 150lbs and choosing to share my experience online through social media.

Basically, I’m a girl who lost a whole lot of weight, and found a whole lot of life.

Now, I work with bariatric patients to make your weight loss surgery program personal and successful. I believe that the programs our doctors and clinics have provided us are keys to success - but finding ways to make their guidelines and rules fit your current life can seem daunting and intimidating.


When you have an abundance of information, creativity, resources, and accountability - you will be in the best position to lose the weight, keep it off - and feel authentically you the whole time.

Through 1:1 online coaching, I help women fit their bariatric guidelines to their lives so their new habits feel sustainable and empowering. I help women get through the most restrictive parts of their programs to get the weight off, while working on finding what resonates for you to make this new life maintainable in the long term.

Are you ready to take the next step in your bariatric journey?

Apply for one of my coaching spots.

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